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I just bought a 2009 Arctic Cat Prowler xt650 that has been setting up at a repair facility that went out of business a few years ago. I am not sure why it was there or who the original owner was to ask him/her. I am mechanically inclined when it comes to old cars and trucks but got lost with the computer age.

When I tried to load the Prowler on my trailer, it had no battery in it, some of the controls were torn out of the dash and the engine center console was missing. The wheels were locked and I could not pull it. I removed the bolts that connected the front and rear drive shaft to allow it to roll freely.

I plan to put a battery in it at some point and hope to somehow get it into neutral. Moving the shifter seemed to allow it to go into Low, High, Reverse and Neutral but it had no affect on freeing the wheels. I am not sure if it would have or not with no battery and not placing the switches in the right position. I hope to tap your brains and find out how to free the wheels with the drive shafts re-connected. I would also love to have a picture of an intact dashboard indicating what each knob, handle or switch does.

I am also interested in any used parts you may have, especially interior plastic, floor pans, tops, windshields, tailgates and so on. The floor is very open to the ground and the entire center console is missing, as is the tailgate and top. I will need a new ignition assembly as well.

I look forward to learning all about the Prowler and hope I can put it back into operation. I have printed out an operating manual and a service manual from and have been thumbing through it. But I would love to hear from the mouths of those of you who have personal experience. As i become proficient in repairs on the Prowler, I will glady share my experiences and recommendations.

Please feel to respond to me here or on my email at [email protected]. My phone number is 601-665-6088..
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