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Need Rear Axle Assy.

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Hey Any one have a broken rear axle assy with the Cv and inboard joint complete, I need the inner joint housing that goes into the rear diff. It doesnt matter if your axle is broke I just need the inboard parts thanks guys.
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That might be a hard find. What happened?

probably have one.. I will check in the morning.. What r u up to now :eek: ?
I have a inner joint that is a little sloppy from last season when we dynoed it, The dyno wont work with long travel susp so you have to run the left wheel and we overheated that joint and blew up the cv star. Replaced the cv star but the joint it goes into has swollen up so its a little sloppy and I would like to run a newer tighter set up and just keep the other one for spare if needed. Thanks guys if you can find something. Much appreciated.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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