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Hey folks! Dont have a Cat yet, but looking for one. Going to be mainly for my wife and kid(6 years old) to tool around in when I'm out on fast rides with the guys in the sandrail or jumping etc. But also for me to take out when i dont want to drag out the Moho and trailer. Would love the new 1000, but not in the finances.
I found a 07 650 in good shape, all stock. Not sure of the milage/hours at this point.
What are these going for at this point in the economy? Is there a good supply of mods for this engine(exhaust, intake, programmer/CDI/whatever). Just plan to boost it up a little bit so I dont get bored driving it, and build a 4 seat cage, wheel spacers know, the basics.
Thanks for any input.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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