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New Member - Also with an issue!

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I've had my Prowler 650 H1 since the fall of 2005 - right when they came out. I use it pretty hard on our hunting lease in the Texas Hill Country - it has several thousand "hard" miles on it. Performance wise it's stock, except for a Benz Silent Rider and some 27" tires.

I just posted a thread on an overheating issue I've having and hoping to solve, so if someone has some tips, please let me know:

Some other observations issues/questions:
1. These things are LOUD; the Benz Silent Rider did little to lower the exhaust db except to reduce the high-end of the frequency range a few db. I have thought about replacing the "pivot seal" held in place with the two springs behind the stock muffler with a straight pipe. Any suggestions? I want it as QUIET as possible since I drive it around our hunting lease.

2. I've broken the upper eye-bolt mount off of my right rear shock twice - both times I was under the max rated bed capacity on rough terrain. I now carry a spare shock assembly with the spring already mounted for any quick field repairs, but have also limited cargo weights to 300 lbs max. I would love to find a heavier duty shock that isn't mucho $$$. Any suggestions?

3. Has anyone seen any 6 wheel conversions? I have thought about extending the frame to add a third pair of wheels in the back, matching the components and geometry of the rear wheels/suspension - thus increasing my load capacity and perhaps improving the ride over rough terrain.


PS: What the heck does that override button do next to the shifter? I have never had to use it.
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Welcome to the site. The new gen 650's are louder than the newer ones. AC changed the head pipe and muffler location which made it alot quieter. Stop by your local dealer and check out the 08,09 650 or 700 and listen to the exhaust. I am thinking about changing mine over to the new style or going aftgermarket not sure.

thanks - will take a look at the newer models!
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