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Greetings to all! Nice to find a forum for the Prowlers. Does not seem as active as the 4x4 forums I am used to, but it seems the folks here are knowledgeable. Perhaps in time I will be able to lend something more than a lot of questions to the forum. :)

Just purchased a 2008 XTX 700. I wish I could say it was mine, but it is the wife's new toy. I have to stick to riding my Cat ATV (or so I have been told :rolleyes:).

Trying to get some things done/added to it over the winter to get it ready for next season. I have added a winch but I would like to move the fairlead out to the bumper, rather than have it mounted to the winch mount itself. The OEM accessories catalog shows the winch with a plate in the bumper where the plastic grill guard is. Seems this is part of the OEM winch mounting and not a seperate part (at least I have not found a part number for just that piece), and have not had any luck finding that part somewhere else. I can fab that myself, but am feeling lazy and would just rather buy it. Anyone know where I could one?
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