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New owner of an old Cat that is starved for attention

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2012 Prowler XTX700 F/I that I picked up from a neighbor last year. I bought it for my wife and I to use for the UTV capacity around the yard and barn only. Finally getting around to looking into just what I got myself into. Needed a starter and got that fixed but I have some questions about this thing and I've learned that these forums typically have at least one guy who has both the knowledge and sometimes has the stuff I need - or at least where it can be found without making the constant lengthy trip to the Cat dealer. If you are that guy (or gal) or you can point me to that person - I'd welcome that introduction. This thing runs and that might be all I can say for it right now.

As an example, there are filter access behind both seats but there isn't a filter behind the driver seat. Just what appears to be an elevated air intake. The one on the passenger side is there but is showing it's age. I've cleaned it and the air filter, changed the oil and the starter and it will run but now I'd like to begin taking care of things like the rear axle boots leaking and replace the cross-threaded oil dipstick... So, there you have it. I am likely to be getting a hard lesson - I know it.
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