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Hey guys prowler talk has great info.

I need your advice on what to do about my 07 650h1, a few months back the transmission bevel gears blew up and I pulled the motor out and brought it to my dealer. It took them a while to fix it up with the gear update but I wasn't in a big hurry, so finally I just got it all back together and took it for a drive.

Now it drives good forward (low and high) and reverse but something isn't quite right with the shifting, sometimes after I switch from forward to reverse the transmission locks up (indicator says it is in gear) I can tell because it will slip the belt, so I have to mess around with the shifter to get it to go in gear. My linkeage is set good. I only drove it maybe a mile now as I don't want to wreck something if the gears aren't meshing right.

Did the dealer mess up the shift fork or something? or is this common with the bevel gear update???

Thanks for the help
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