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A couple of my buddies and I decided the best way to start off the new year was with a trail ride. We are located in NW New Mexico and surrounded with high desert plateau. Temps were in the 40's and clear sky...perfect day.
We headed out with one of my Prowlers (XTX 700-Stocker, left the modded one at home so I could compare the AC and the RZR). The ground varied from deep clay mud to frozen snow to sand and sandstone.
We did note that the for this type of area, the Prowler handled great, much better than the RZR. We found that the RZR pushed through corners with lots of understeer, had too little of ground clearance with 2 riders and had no power advantage over the XTX. In fact, the XTX outran the RZR in a 4 mile race down a sandwash (filled with switchbacks and drop offs). The RZR wanted to swap ends everytime they got above 40mph and bottomed out coming off the drop offs while the XTX ran smooth and felt stable the entire time... I can see one of the reasons why the Prowlers did so well at the recent BAJA 1000.
Here are some pics...

Talk about little ground clearance:

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