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Oil leak in the belt drive case

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Hi guys,
Did my normal big ride belt inspection and found oil in the bottom of the case. It looks like the oil is coming from behind the drive clutch/motor shaft. Is this a typical problem? My Cat only has 1000 miles on it.

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I haven't looked at mine in a while. Now would be a good time since I'm looking for this other problem. My Prowler has just over 1600 miles on it.
Factory belt? I talked with Randy from ATVonics and he said that 6-7 other guys have called him about this same problem. Replacing the oil seal was the fix for most but some can't stop the leak. I have a big ride this weekend and then I will diassemble. So you have a full cage and back seats. Kids?

Yes that is 1600+ miles on the factory belt, thats way to many! I'm getting ready to do a complete tear down & rebuild the cage more into a sport cage. 2 weeks after I got my Powler in 06 I completely tore it down & built the cage I have on it now, just time for somthing new. Right after I built it I had a bunch new ideas, that always happens to me. Yes I do have 2 kids, son is 16 daughter is 14.
So no one has had any oil leaks inside the belt case? Has anyone had the clutches out and done any work to the seal area? The parts book shows an o-ring and alittle deeper in there is a shaft seal.

I think mine leaked way back when I first got it. fixed under warranty.
Do you remeber what was done? Where the leak was coming from?

We had our Belt changed after 1900 miles, Our mechanic told my husband that we didn't need to change it. According to the owner's manual they say you should change it after 1000 miles. The old belt looks brand new. Our mechanic told Bob never to bring it back for a belt change. The oil leak problem is common in the prowlers. Almost every Prowler we have sold has come in for a oil seal fix. I will talk to our mechanic at work on Monday and see if he would be willing to answer some of your guy's question.

After reading again the posts, I'm wondering if I'm talking about the same type of oil leak. I will talk to our mechanic on Monday and try to answer your questions.
Looked at my belt on Saturday while i had everything tore apart, it looks great & no oil leak eighter.
Good news After looking at the parts break down it looks like there is an o-ring and a oil seal. So this is a common problem?

we have had oil leak and O ring didn't fix it ,,,, the seal is out and haven't had time to fix it yet ,,, have over 2000 miles on it ,,, we have 4 of the 08 650's and just one with leak so far ,,,
It seems like if I take the time to tare down I should replace the o-ring and seal to. Has anyone done this yet?

we haven't replaced seal yet ,,, looks like it would be a big project so was weighting till winter to do it ,, you mite be one of the lucky ones and not have to replace the seal ,, I would try the O ring first if isn't leaking to bad ,,, have you broke any axles or bent tie rods yet ,,if you do much hard riding thats next ,, there are some places to get some good after market axles and I can help you on the tie rod things
No borken axles or tie rods. So fare so good.

Elko did you talk to you tech about the oil leak?

NO IT IS NOT A COMMON problem. That is what smiley said
What was the fix? Just a seal replacement?

yes smiley said seal replacement.
Thanks for the info

Update with my oil leak. Remove both clutches and inner clutch case. There is 1 o-riung and 2 shaft seals. Has anyone done this kind of repair before?

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