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Just found this part of the site. Wow .Born and bread Southern Illinois, and don't rub new president in too much. And when i say southern i mean southern.In 30 minutes i can be in Missouri or Kentucky so That lets us ride in a number of places in the midwest,which is good because our politicians won't let us ride anywhere in our state. I grew up in the muscle car years and have always been a speed freak.Although i will admit as i am getting older its easier to go at a reasonable pace. Just don't try to pass me. ha ha I bought a 650 xt in 06 put big bore kit,carb,clutch work,tires and wheels, doors , top , winch. I built a custom x-o-cage cause where we ride the trails are pretty narrow . Just sold my xt and bought xtz and its a blast.Its apparent from looking at this site that there are man different types of terrain that we all ride on . Our common ground is that we all like prowlers. good
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