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I have a 2014 prowler 500 HDX. I had several problems with the previous motor and got a 2017 for cheep. I had the motor professionally replaced. Generally, it starts up great and runs fine. I've only put about 5 miles on it since the replacement. It has started leaving me stranded (I use it for ice fishing, so that's a problem). The plug ends up solid carbon. If I replace it, it fires right up. Lasts about 1 hour worth of short trips (so about 2 weeks) and then dies suddenly. Same song different verse. Replace the plug and away we go. The connector to the air valve on the carb was damaged and it had lots of junk in it. I cleaned that out and thought I had found the problem; obviously if the butterfly doesn't open it runs too rich). It ran about 3 weeks after that "fit and left be stranded out on the ice again today. Changed the plug.....away we go.

What would make it run so rich that it fouls the plug?
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