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A few days ago I contacted Prestigemike here on the boards to talk about a 2 seat cage for my Prowler. I sent Mike some pics of a Prowler cage I liked, and we talked about the build. Mike was very thorough with me on the phone, and had several excellent suggestions related to the construction. I'll have to admit, I was a bit leary in having someone build me a cage based on a couple pics and some dialog on the phone. Well, I showed up at Prestige this a.m. to pay for my cage and have it installed. The whole trip down, I had scenarios running thru my head on what I would do if I didn't like it. What if it is nothing like I envisioned? What if it is poor quality? What if.........
I was worried for nothing. I am thrilled with my cage! It is exactly what I had expected. Mike and his team did an awesome job. Not only with my cage, but also making sure that I was satisfied! In today's economy, customer service will earn loyal customers. I will be back for more accessories! Thanks Mike! I will call you about the shocks, exhaust, etc.

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Congrats on the new cage. Nice to hear a positive story like yours. Great job Mike and those that helped to make cnj a beautiful well built cage. Sounds like you know how to make a customer happy Mike.

Please post some pics when you can.
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