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Thanks for allowing me to join the group. I have a 2015 700 HDX that I use primarily for work around the farm. My 2016 HDX 700 is behaving exactly like Salprofish's from an older thread. I replied to that thread, but the website suggests starting a new thread.

I was pushing a loaded hay wagon into the barn, in 4x4 and low range. It started making a nasty noise from the area of the belt cover. I disconnected the wagon, got it started in neutral, and once put into reverse it took off at idle speed. I ran it backwards and got it out of the way. My early research pointed to the wet clutch not releasing and possibly dragging. Here is what I've done so far.

I rebuild the wet clutch with new weights and springs. The drum looked okay, as did the belt and secondary clutches. The one-way bearing looked ok and was reinstalled "correctly". It's all back together and it is behaving erratically. Some times it starts in park and when shifted to reverse or drive it continues idling until I apply gas, then it moved as it should. Other times I can only start in neutral and as soon as I go to reverse or drive it jumps into motion. At those times there is also a nasty noise coming from the belt cover. I've run the machine down the road and it seems to run ok once on the move, but things get sketchy when coming down to idle.

Now I see in the older thread that the one-way bearing can be removed, for good! Do the experts here recommend I go back in and remove the one-way bearing? Are there any other thoughts on what I should do when I get into the engine?

Can anyone provide the notice from Arctic Cat related to the one-way bearing?

Thanks in advance for letting me into the group and for any advice you can provide to me.
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