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Prowler in the snow! WOW!

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So we got a few inches of snow a couple weeks ago. All I can say is wow this thing goes thru snow like nothing. I got a little crazy in some drifts and no problem busting thru 3-4' drifts it just dug in and went. I am sure the 30'' mudlites helped but wow I never would have dreamed it would go thru that much without a problem.:cool:
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Sounds like fun, I am ready for our first snow so I can give her a try.

You get snow down there?! I thought that is why everyone left here for there!
sounds fun....hope we dont get snow for at least a month
sounds like fun not much snow down here.
I can't wait to see how it pushes snow with the new Moose country plow. should be interesting!
Pushes like a tank!

No problem even with hard snow piles. I love it!:D


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That looks like so much fun, I bet you are looking for stuff to plow! lol
when you plow do you plow in 4wd high or low. do you keep your prowler in a heated environment or in the cold. is it easy to start in the cold and fianlly can a blockheater be installed on a prowler
I park it inside. It didn't start if it was below zero. I make sure it stays in now. Not necessarily heated all the time but, inside. I push in 4 low almost all the time, gotta be better on it than high. I don't even know about a block heater, I am sure you can get one. I know they don't like to start outside below zero but seems ok around 5 or 10.
my 07 650 started pretty good and the temp was in between -5 and -10.... it was the only wheels i had... my truck wouldnt start though
I have been riding my prowler in the snow for a couple days now, finally warmed up enough, but we have about 16 inches of snow in the open areas and I have no problem going through it all. I do run in low as this snow is quite damp and hard slogging through but have never got hung up yet or stuck. Hill climbs are a bit challenging, sometimes 2 or 3 runs at it before I can get up but other wise excellent running machine! As far as cold weather, I have started it at -30c with no block heater, machine doesn't have one and dealer said didn't need one, startes up that well. So far I am impressed! I'll have pics up soon!

2009 xtx 700 efi
low windshield, black ac soft gun scabbard, rear seat
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