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Prowler with tracks

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I am planning to buy a 09 700 EFI with tracks on it. I was just wondering if anyone out there has one with this set up or has driven one with tracks? I was told by someone that in deep snow they want to nose dive, but I find that kind of hard to believe. We get between 2 and 5 feet of snow per year and I thought this would be a great machine to get out on the lake ice fishing without having to shovel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I saw a video Rhino Mayhem, actually my Rhino is on the cover. Well they have a scene in the video of a Rhino driving around with tracks and they looked like they worked really well.

I think the web site is UTV Mayhem DVD series

Blake is the producer, i will get him to come post up here, There is a big UTVCrap banner on the fron of his web site! Jonny extra exsposure!
I would like to know more about the difference kinds of tracks
IMHO, there are only 1 kind of tracks to get for winter, the Commander Widetracks, there website is Ensemble de chenilles pour VTT Commander, and look at the wide tracks. i ahd them on my Rzr, and my buddy had the polaris ones, and there was no comparison. They are by far the lightest on the market, and are made for snow.
Hello. Nice post. I also saw that particular video recently. Man that was cool. I visited that website and found a lot of good stuff out there. Keep up the good work.
I posted a couple months ago this clip of mine in the snow.

I've gotten stuck a couple of times on steep hill sides but was able to back my way out of them. As for nose dives, my front end will dip if I run over a sage brush with loose snow around it.
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