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SideXSide Action / Sand Addiction Dune Tour 2008

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Im sure most of you know about the dune tour, Dune Tour | Sand Addiction Magazine

"UTV Mayhem II" will be premiering on a big screen in the south dunes and in Glamis. It will be drive in style so you can pull up in your sideXside, quad, buggy, etc. should be a great time. Hope to see everyone there.

First Stop
Oct 17th - 19th 2008 Dune Buggy Flats in the South Dunes of the ISDRA

Second Stop
March 20th-22nd Vendor’s Flats Glamis, CA

** They will also be raffling off two fully customized Polaris RZRs at this event! **


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UTVMayhem II has a Prowler 1000 section in it. Shows the Prowler doing 82mph or something!

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Oct 17th & 18th

These are the GPS cordinates for the Premier of UTVMAyhemm II
We wil be camped right there in the mix of this party!!! So if any body can make it out look for the Prowlertalk T shirts!!!! This is gonna be a fun time!

Gordon's Well GPS Coordinates - 32° 43.10 N / 114° 56.16 W (Dune Buggy Flats)
Looks like we will have ProwlerTalk t-shirts for this event. Makes sure to hit me up if you make it out there!

This is what my Motorhome looks like

And yes i will be riding my
Rhino! Just because my Prowler isnt here yet!
This is what my Rhino looks like. Minus the purty girls ofcourse. lol

Notice the doggy in the back ground? Someone is always trying to mess up a good picture lol!

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This is the weekend!! Hope to meet some of you guys out there?

Gordon’s Well meets the DUNE-TOUR Oct 17th | Sand Addiction Magazine
Yup, I cannot wait, going to be a blast and as a bonus we get to support Blake!

Glad to hear your Rhino is done, now to only get my motor finished and I should be good to go!
Picture from the Sand Addition Tour

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The Producer of UTv MAyhem did have a roll over! He is a heck of a driver so this is rare for BLake. He is fine, his safety equipment saved him.

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