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My Craigslist ad. Good enough?
the guy wants to know if it is a good enough ad to sell this potty chair,,after reading this I am sure you will be thinking what I am thinking ,,or close to it..

This is what he posted
I have an adult Potty Chair that was purchased by a relative but ended up not being needed. The lady that bought it lives alone and figured out that she would have to empty it herself.. and if that were the case.. she could make it to the bathroom.. sooo... she told me to get rid of it and that's just what I'm doing.

Due to Craigslist being full of scam artist and murderers, I must insist on cash only. I must also insist that you do not murder me. That happened to me once and I got really mad. You see, I'm selling it because I need the money really bad. I sold my truck on Craigslist the other day. Well I had to go run some errands for my elderly father and get him some lunch. I usually cook for him to save money but I had $400 extra dollars in my pocket so I was going to splurge and go to KFC. Well, I apparently did not put my wallet back in my pocket the way I should have. While my dad was eating his chicken, A lady walked to the front door and said "hey, I have your wallet". I felt my butt and sure enough, it was missing. For a split second I thought it may have cloned itself and I still had $400 extra dollars (minus what I spent for the chicken) but that was not to be. My uncloned, original wallet was empty.

I looked suspiciously at the woman who brought the wallet to the door. While I was grateful that my credit cards (Maxed out) and my drivers license were still in there, I guess I scared her cause she kind walked off very quickly. I figure she was the one who stole it anyway.. I mean.. she had red hair.. and we know that all redheads are thieves. Her hair color could have been fake but I wasn't going to ask her if she dyed it. Redheads have killed for less than that.

Anyway, I was out $400. I quit my job to take care of my dad. It's a rewarding job most of the time even though he kinda smells sometimes. He's not to the point where I have to bathe him and I wouldn't even try because he'd probably smash me across the head with his metal cane.

Also, I bought a lawnmower with my own money but my siblings seem to think that anything in this house is fair game to come borrow. I've told them that they can't because they don't take care of anything but it falls on deaf ears and they just come take it while I'm gone. I am now taking the spark plug out of it after each time I use it because I know they won't check before they get it home and it will be really funny when they have to come groveling back to me because they will think they broke it and then I can then yell at them for being irresponsible while trying not to giggle. Anyway, the lawnmower is going to wear out and I'll have to buy another one soon so between that and getting all my money stolen, that's why I'm selling the potty chair.

If you want the chair, please call. If you are one of my siblings, no, you can't borrow it. Quit being so dang cheap.

The other picture is of "Seal' the singer. This potty chair is just like the one he will probably have to use when he gets old and can't make it to the toilet. So this is sort of a celebrity endorsement except that he doesn't know anything about it.

send an email if you want the chair but if you have red hair... don't even think about it.

* Location: Fort Worth
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