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I haven't had a chance to post lately, been busy with mopar fixing.

I got King shocks thru the factory -- basic package no adjusters. I figured I probably couldn't figure out what to do with a clicker. So far I am very pleased. They are a little plusher on the initial, and awesome when stuff really gets busy. I scared myself on my test run. I just have a couple of short rides and one long milk run on them, but they seem to be great. I need to make a better mount for the reservoirs, but for now, three hose clamps seems to be doing the job. I took the sway bar off, and have been pretty cautious with it, but I'm getting used to the feel and don't think it needs to go back on. It seems a little tippier intially, but when you get into the meat of the rear springs it seems to kill the roll. I can tell a big difference in the rough stuff without it -- not near as harsh.

I've got a factory windshield and an American Trails roof/ back mesh combo. I found that cracking the windshield kick-out about an inch keeps alot of the dust from swirling back into the cab. I need to put some velcro on the top of the windshield to match the AT roof, but overall I've been pretty happy with the setup. The weather is still unseasonably cold and wet, so having these has been a definite plus. I'm afraid that when summer gets here it will be awful short.

With the cab on, it really traps the noise, so I experimented with 1/4" dynamat on the engine cover. It made a noticable difference. I need to get some more and go under the seats, back of the floor pan, and front of the bed. I think this will help even more.

Future plans include suspension seats with 4 or 5 pt belts, an attachable frame for my two gun boots, and maybe some sort of half door. I'm not comfortable with the idea that legs would stay in the cab in a real serious screw up. Towards winter I'll get a plow, so maybe I'll tackle the door issue then. For now I'm running the stock maxxis razor forspeeds, but I think next year I'll swap to maxxis bighorn 2.0s, with front sized rims on the back as well.

Thanks for everyone's input, and I will eventually get some pictures. The closest I've got was taking pics of the junk in a late model dodge engine bay so I could hopefully put all the stuff back where it started. Now I've got my daughter's car in my shop messing with the fuel injectors. If I knew what I was doing I'd be dangerous.
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