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I couldn't go this year
Johnny Campbell and Monster went. I should of gone

Johnny Campbell, Jeff "OX" Kargola and Colton Udall joined Cameron Steele on the 2009 Desert Assasins Rip to the Tip.

The video is a must see it's classic Baja

This is an invite only ride from Calif to Cabo the hard way. Its all old 1000 race course and some stuff we make up as we go and allot is secret stuff Cam only knows.

Its roughly 1500 miles in 5 days all dirt on whooped out rock invested grossness. You get everything from 2 inch long thorns to silt in your azz. i knocked myself out last year and threw up in my helmet. Had to ride three more days with a throw up smelling helmet!

Its the best ride I ever did!

I got rookie of the ride last year, Most you guys know it took me two attempts to even finish without a trailer up. I was really proud to get that trophy and not trailer up, because if you you trailer up, you are considered a ***** and your name goes on the ***** out award.

If your bike breaks then its not a ***** out most of the time. Notice my buddy trailering up in the video and his bike was not broke. he he

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