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FYI - knowledge transfer to help others share....

Two weeks ago I bought a pre-owned 2019 Prowler Pro XT (800 CC engine) and during its test drive, it had a strange vibration. At the time, I thought it needed a new belt. Simple low cost belt.... Bought it and the local seller trailered the UTV to my house - since my trailer's rear loading ramp was being welded up (with stronger support bars). I ordered / changed its drive belt (with the HD Gates Rubber product) and its vibration remained. I then removed its wheels to check its brakes and "found the problem". Its front brake bearings were bone dry, They where ok but "dust dry". Ouch! Its A-Arm bushings / bolts were good. Inspected its rear brakes and discovered its rear bearings where shot. One was worn loose (too loose) and its other rear side was blown apart. Ouch! Its rear A-Arms bushings were rusted in place as well. More ouches! I ordered 2 x NEW rear bearings (All Balls Bearing kit pn: 25-1788 - which is ball design). For greasing, I also ordered 40mm Greaser tool - same tool used on Polaris Ranger 800 UTVs and also used Marine Grease for trailer bearings. Used U-Tube video clips to learn about 40 mm greaser tool and replacing Arctic Cat ATV/UTV axle bearings.

Note: I plan to DIY Grease its wheel bearings "every other" engine/filter oil change. First time took 17+ pumps. I assume next greasing will only take only 3-5 pumps. Plan to replace its front wheel bearings this spring (during its future engine oil/filter change) as well.

Lesson learned: Do check your wheel bearings (DIY grease them with 40 mm greaser tool) and lubricate all A-Arm bushing / swivel parts as well.... Especially if you plan to keep your UTV for many more years....

Hope this Self Lesson Learned helps others....


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