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which engine oil to use?

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For my 2019 Prowler Pro XT (4-stroke 812 CC engine), what items do I need for spring time Engine oil change?

If wondering, Textron/AC UTV maker recommends:

This above AC "kit" is very hard (and very expensive) to order for my north Canadian region. Ouch!

As alternative product (from

Note: My UTV is 99% used in late spring, summer to early fall warmer temp climate. 90% of time usage is warm/hot summer time months.

As you can tell, I know very little about ATV/UTV engine oils and how to compare / cross reference both these products. And their API SM and JASO MA (???) classification numbers.

Bottom line: Can I use this Kimpex ATV ""wet clutch" oil instead of expensive AC brand (in my UTV)?

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I've been using full synthetic Lucas 0-40 and a WIX filter, I can buy it local.
Thanks for advising what specific engine oil you use. Unfortunately, Lucas Synthetic SXS oil is NOT available in my north woods. And its way too expensive (at $30+ per bottle - ouch!) to ship to my north region as well.

Since my above opening thread post and lots of different internet surfing, I've learned:
  • 0w is cold temp thickness. 0W is best for deep cold weather.
  • 40W is hot temp thickness.
  • Synthetic is always best for ATVs / SXS and other 4-Stroke engines.
  • Oil base of API SM is good. API SN is even better for SXS. Avoid older age API L rated oils.
  • Wet Clutch rating of JASO MA is good. JASO MA2 is better for SXS.

One can use older age API SM & older age JASO MA for "general use" ATVs/UTVs with low risk of damage. If one does aggressive driving &/or has newer age engine, it's always best to use API N and JASO MA2 rated oils. Best to use Synthetic formula as well. Especially for SXSs.

With above new knowledge, I can now look for proper rated "available" engine oils in my region.
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I've also used Mobil 1 synthetic motorcycle racing oil about the same price as Lucas here. Another option is Rotella T6 synthetic, it's JASO rated. I haven't used it but read on here and other sites about its use in SXS's.
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Are you sure about Rotella T6 synthetic oil? I surfed for more details and it appears to be only for Diesel and not wet clutch compatible. And NO ATV/UTV on its bottle label either.....

Ms Santa (smiles) asked me to save an Amazon UTV synthetic oil (with API SN & JASO MA2 stamps) and it will be late door delivered in early spring. re:
Here's the back of the Rotella T6 container.
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  • Online CountryCat / Textron factory recommends their 0w-40 oil for 2019 Prowler Pro's engine. Their engine oil is wet clutch JASO MA2 rated.
  • Today (using "good luck"), I was able to find local "on sale" Rotella T6 @ 5W-40 rating. For my summer time cooler temp north region, I like to avoid the thicker 50 and use their recommended thinner 40 formula instead. To me, MA2 for 2019 Prowler year is most critical.
  • Ms Santa online ordered (for next town over store reservation) and we will onsite pickup tomorrow night (while visiting same town for a different reason).

Many thanks for helping me find "affordable" engine oil & Wix filter replacement (for my 2019 Prowler Pro). Smiles.

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Does the Prowler Pro 2019-2021, in fact, have a "wet clutch"?? The owners manual only recommends 0w-40 API SM or better. No Japanese oil standard is mentioned.
Yes. Prowler Pro has a factory Wet Clutch system.

Their factory OEM recommended Engine Oil / filter kit is:
Arctic Cat ACX 0W-40 Synthetic Oil Change Kit - 2019-2023 Prowler Pro

Details (from their OEM kit):
. Synthetic oil
. 0W-40 / 4-Cycle
. Wet-clutch certified re: MA/MA2

Compare against Shell T6 oil
. Synthetic oil
. 0W-40 / 4-Cycle
. Wet-clutch certified MA/MA2

At first, I wasn't too sure of using Shell T2 either. But after lots of Google searches of "use T6 in ATVs / UTVs", I found lots of other folks using this Shell T6 oil with great success.

Hope this helps....
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Yup, I see that. Here are 2 quotes, first from the owners manual, second from the service manual. Both state any API-cetified SM 0w-40 is acceptable. Neither mentions Japanese wet clutch certification such as JASO MA/MA2(although as you point out, ACX is JASO MA2 certified). ?perhaps to be compatible with all Prowler models, including those that do utilize a wet clutch. These manuals seem to indicate that wet clutch certified oil is not required for late model Prowler Pro, so ?no wet clutch in these models?

"The recommended oil to use is synthetic
engine oil, which has been specifically
formulated for use in the engine. Although
synthetic engine oil is the only oil recom-
mended for use in this engine, use of any
API-certified SM 0W-40 oil is acceptable."

"The recommended oil to use is ACX All Weather synthetic
engine oil, which has been specifically formulated
for use in this engine. Although All Weather synthetic
engine oil is the only oil recommended for use in this
engine, use of any API-certified 0W-40 oil is acceptable."
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I learned at a very young age NOT to over think things....

If you don't like the Shell T6, then only use the OEM kit - as posted above....

For me, I only use Wet Clutch formula and sleep well at night. Works for me...
I am totally with you on Rotella T6. I use it in both my tractor as well as my F350(both diesels). Looks like from my examination that the 2020 Prowler Pro/Tracker 800sx does not have a wet clutch. Telltale sign is that there is no fluid resistant gasket around the clutch housing. Also, in the service manual there is no mention of placing a container to capture oil when removing the clutch housing. My only point is that synthetic 0W-40 API SM service or better oil is easier to find and cheaper than wet clutch compatible oil.
As posted above, one can only use "wet clutch" Engine Oil found within Arctic Cat ACX 0W-40 Synthetic Oil Change Kit - 2019-2023 Prowler Pro and sleep well at night. Or, use a non "wet clutch" oil and take the risk (of future damage). Works for me....
FYI for others....

Last weekend I changed the engine / oil filter in my 2019 Prowler Pro XT. I used recommended Shell T6 Synthetic 5W-40 oil (which is Wet-clutch certified MA/MA2 coding) and used WIX 51394 (general grade) oil filter. For next year, I plan to use WIX 51394 XP (heavy duty usage) oil filter instead. The Wix filter is a little smaller diameter than factory oil filter but it does fit / seal good. FYI if looking for non OEM maintenance parts.

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Hope this helps others.
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