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Who Knows?

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We (XTZ buyers) have heard the arrivals could start in November, but has anyone got a firm date yet?
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Our Dealership will not see any until the end of November. However are dealship is small.
Are you sure end of November isn't wishful thinking? I keep hearing late Jan... I know Arctic Cat is going to have some prototypes at Glamis this weekend on a "closed Course" Whoopie! Maybe someone could sneak over and see what they are saying on a date.. (Although it will probably be lip service)
I am hearing December / January...but I am not a dealer nor do I work for AC, therefore, I could be wrong!
Full production in December with early ones arriving in January.

how do the bilstien shocks work and are they worth buying
Brandon, I am by no means an expert, and all I have to go on for comparison is the OEM shocks from Arctic Cat. The Bilsteins are built much heavier, and have what seems like an infinite range of adjustment (the outside of the shock body is threaded, as opposed to the detents used on the OEM shocks). I left ours adjusted as they came from the factory (purchased from Side By Side Sports; you tell them a variety of things about your machine when you order).

The ride is a bit stiffer than it was with the OEM shocks, even when I had the OEMs set for maximum stiffness. I personally like this, because I believe the machine handles better with the suspension a bit stiff. Also, on sidehills I have noticed that the machine does not have the same tippy sensation that it had with the OEMs. Articulation is much better, especially over boulders and ledges.

Hope this helps.

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