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I'm new to this so forgive me - never been on a site like this before.
I wanted a reasonable hard door set for my new prowler, for winter use. All I could find was Soft Doors or very expensive versions so, I created my own from HDPE Plastic and Plexiglas. They turned out pretty nice and work great - they don't look weird like something made out of Plywood or... The hardware all came from Amazon and the Plastics from Menards. These doors cover the upper part - above the little factory doors. They are not totally rain tight or useable for high speed travel but do keep you warm while plowing snow. The windows swing open for venting and can be removed if the doors are needed while in warmer weather. The only real drawback is both doors swing independently but, for the cost, it's a very minor inconvenience.
If anyone is interested, I drew up detailed plans of what I built with dimensions, notes and Amazon parts. I think the total cost, minus my time, was around $200.00 total - for both doors.
I would be happy to provide this info, in a PDF, for FREE. Just contact me at: [email protected] and I'll send you a copy.
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